Dan van der Weide

Professor Daniel van der Weide
Research Interests
Multifunctional scanned probe microscopy
Localized spectroscopy of biological and low-dimensional electronic systems
Terahertz circuits and devices

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graduate students     
Atul Shripad Bhadkamkar Atul Shripad Bhadkamkar
Research Interests
Coherent measurements / control &
     Arbitrary waveform generation
- Low Noise oscillator and frequency synthesizer.
- DSP using multicarrier FM(eg. OFDM)
- Tunable high frequency generation using lasers.
- Low noise amplifier design
Chiya Saeidi Chiya Saeidi
Research Interests
Microwave/Millimeter Wave/THz circuits and devices
Wireless communication systems
- RF technologies
- Antennas
- Propagation models
Marcos Martinez Marcos Martinez
Research Interests
RF circuits and systems for communications, EW and radar
Software defined radio and cognitive radio
Wireless communications systems and sensors
Matt Dwyer Matt Dwyer
Research Interests
Novel nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) architectures
- GaAs NLTLs on diamond membranes
- GaAs NLTLs on silicon
- Microstrip and slotline NLTLs
Novel antennas for improved NLTL radiation
Madhav Venkateswaran Madhav Venkateswaran
Research Interests
- RF energy harvesting circuits
- RF coils and hardware for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
- Interventional MRI
- Biomedical device development
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